The Law “As It IS “ Mastermind Principle 2

As it is …..We believe, if one is situated and confronted with defeat, one must hold on and hold out, because defeat is only temporary. The law affirms, All things work together for one’s ultimate good.

This mastermind principle teaches us the no matter what happens to you in your life…you will not be defeated. You were born to win, born to outrun, outlast and out outdistance defeat. Yes defeat is only temporary, it’s only a moment in time that when looked at through the inner eye, it becomes a positive opportunity to grow. To grow greater, grander and richer in every way. You were designed for accomplishment and certainly engineered for great success. Because, of that we have within us great potential to overcome anything that is out of divine order. The gift of the divine mind is such a great treasure and when used properly the divine mind will seek the higher path, the higher path to better health, wealth and prosperity. You are the master of your thoughts and how you look at any situation is up to you. How you positively deal with life and what it brings is in your hands. You can see the obstacle or you can see the opportunity….the choice is yours. Remember that which you are truly seeking is seeking you.

Cedric King

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