Life Coaching

The Law “As It Is” – A Mastermind Observation

As it is….” We believe, if one is situated in the boat of higher consciousness, one will be able to cross over the ocean of all negative things.”

This mastermind principle teaches that no matter what the situation, no matter what life may bring, think your highest thought(s). Your highest thought is always your best thought. It is where the power is, the creativity, the light of positive and spiritual reasoning. It’s the dash in between the words that amaze you. It’s your connection to peace. It is said, “ wherever you are in life, your best thoughts got you there.” However, your best thoughts may not be your highest thoughts. Raising your level of insight to any situation creates a different mindset. Whether you believe it or not there is no more powerful of a statement than “Your attitude determines your altitude.” Higher thinking see’s the best in any situation and looks for a universal principle that will guide you to a phenomenal place of elevated understanding. Higher thinking gifts you with an ability to tap into an awareness that’s harbored just for you. It gives you power to change that which seems to be against you to that which will work for you. It’s the place where the inner Angels guide you to the answers you are looking for. When you think higher you mentally fly higher, you sail over the ocean of all negativity and all your waves of life seek calmness.

Get in your boat of higher consciousness and enjoy the ride… The ocean of life awaits you!