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Take a different view

There is a story I read about a wise man who was sitting outside his village. A traveler came up and asked him, “What kind of people live in this village, because I am looking to move from my present one?” The wise man asked, “What kind of people live where you want to move from? The man said, “They are mean, cruel and rude.” The wise man replied, “The same kind of people live in this village too.” After some time, another traveler came by and asked the same question and the wise man asked him, “What kind of people live where you want to move from?” And the traveler replied, “The people are very courteous, polite, and good.” The wise man said, “You will find the same kind of people here too.” The moral of the story, the view you see, feel and inwardly create is the view you see, feel and outwardly anticipate! 

Life happens positively or negatively because of your inner projection. As stated above the view you see, will ultimately manifest itself. This is when as the wise saying goes…thoughts finally becomes things! Begin a daily inner practice of projecting love, peace, abundance, happiness, patience, forgiveness and every other positive emotion /thought that you can summon. Use this ammunition whenever a negative situation attempts to rear its ugly head. I believe, it was Napoleon Hill who said, “for every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it a seed of an equal or even greater benefit.” And for you to view that benefit you have to see it and sometimes you have to see it in its infancy. 

When you take on a different view from the inside out you generally see things as you are. So, why not become the positive master of your thoughts, why not create the kind of thought patterns that will not only view the best out of every situation but will attracts the best outcome out of every situation! Your inner view is truly the world you live in. It can heal you or it can hurt you, the choice is yours.  Ultimately your mindset (like a telescope) magnifies the thoughts you think and before you know it your outer world becomes what you mirror on the inside.  Change your view, stand back and watch what magnificently happens to you!  

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